S-421 route plan exchange format

S-421 is an S-100 compliant product specification for route plan exchange information. The content information is described in terms of a general feature model and a feature catalogue.

This dataset consists of feature catalogue, portrayal catalogue, application schema, test data and examples of S-421 in a machine-readable format. It can be utilized for the verification and testing of S-421 based data products and services.

This version of the dataset is compliant with IEC 63173-1:2021 Edition 1.0, S-421.

Voyage plan is a key element of the vessel's voyage and can be used to optimize safety and processes, as well as for the interaction of participants and stakeholders.

The core element of the voyage plan is a route.

The exchange of routes between ship to ship and ship to shore may improve:

Name Version Format Date
S-421 files 1.0 .zip July 2021


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