CIRM launches the CIRM User Feedback Forum

During e-Navigation Underway 2016 this week CIRM launched the CIRM User Feedback Forum in conjunction with The Nautical Institute. Please follow this link to the Forum (Link)

The purpose of this Forum is to put designers and manufacturers of marine navigation and communication systems directly in touch with users during product development.

Hosted by CIRM and supported by the Nautical Institute, the Forum exists to support and promote Human-Centred Design (HCD).

For full information on the background of the Forum, how it works, and how to get involved, please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the website.

e-Nav Underway International 2016

The CIRM Secretariat will be participating in the e-Navigation Underway 2016 conference next week. Both Frances and Richard will give presentations on different topics related to e-Navigation. These presentations will later be made available to members on MyCIRM.

SMA invites ECDIS Manufacturers to tender for STM Validation Project


Dear ECDIS-Manufacturer,

Sea Traffic Management (STM) want to take a giant step in the shipping domain when it comes to Information technology; the ship should no longer be a separate unit in the logistic chain, it should be connected to all concerned stakeholders e.g. Ports, Cargo owners, Pilots, VTS Services etc.

The MONALISA 2.0 Project ( ) has defined a need for validating the STM concept which will be done in the EU-funded STM Validation Project where STM will be tested on board ships and in shore-centres.

As part of this the Swedish Maritime Administration procures 300 STM compatible on board systems, developed and installed by ECDIS-manufacturers, to be installed on board test ships. If your Company wants to be involved shaping the future, please apply for tendering on Tendsign (, where also more information on the project and the scope of the procurement are found.

For access to TendSign you need a login, which is provided by registering on It is advisable that you register your TendSign account with an e-mail address that can be accessed by more than one person. All communication during the procurement will be linked to this e-mail address. There is no cost associated with submitting an application/tender.

If you have questions or need support regarding TendSign, please contact Visma TendSign helpdesk on +46 771 440 200, weekdays during office hours.

e-Nav Black Sea conference

Frances will present at the e-Nav Black Sea conference, Monday 22nd June, providing a CIRM perspective on e-Navigation/e-Maritime. The event will take place in Varna, Bulgaria, linked to Bulgarian Maritime Day 2015, and will feature speakers from across the shipping industry. See more here

Hannu Peiponen appointed new Chairman of IEC TC 80

IEC Technical Committee 80’s scope is to prepare standards for electrical installations and equipment of ships and of mobile and fixed offshore unites incorporating good practice and aligning as far as possible existing regulations and IEC Publications.

Standards chiefly concern:-
a) Factors promoting the safety of ships and of mobile and fixed offshore units
b) Factors promoting safety of life

The BSI engages the services of a competent organization for the provision on its behalf of project management and secretariat services for IEC TC 80 and any formally constituted subcommittees or panels normally services by BSI working in accordance with the guidance current at any time in BSI, the ISO/IEC Directives and the CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations.

CIRM and the BSI have an Agreement entitled ‘External Secretariat for IEC/TC80 22 September 2014 to 21 September 2019’ and CIRM’s nominated representative on IEC/TC 80 is currently Mr Kim Fisher who remains in post for the foreseeable future.

Although the functions of the Secretary’s role are delegated to CIRM, BSI remains responsible to the relevant International Standards Body (ISB) for the operation of the secretary in an impartial manner and independently of the BSI position. CIRM Acknowledges this and undertakes that they and the Secretary shall act in an impartial manner and independently of BSI when performing its obligations under the Agreement and also not knowingly do anything that may damage BSI’s reputation in any way.

The post of Chair of IEC TC 80 is currently held by Mr Andy Norris who will retire on 31-08-2015.

Mr Norris will be replaced by Mr Hannu Peiponen on 01-09-2015 and his term will run until 31-08-2021. Please see below a short biography of Mr Peiponen.

Hannu Peiponen – Technical director, Furuno Finland Oy

Hannu Peiponen is technical director at Furuno Finland Oy, where he is responsible for following standardization and rules around navigation and radio communication equipment. He has been nominated as chair of IEC TC80 for a period from Sep 2015 to Aug 2021. He is an active member of various IEC, IHO and IALA workgroups. He is convenor of the IEC TC80 WG6 for interfaces and has been chairing other IEC TC80 workgroups for INS, ECDIS and Presentation. He got IEC 1906 award in 2013 for his work in IEC TC80.

Hannu has been working for same company since 1984 although the name and ownership of the company has changed several times during his career. Before taking his current role, Hannu has been involved in all phases of development of marine electronics including sw design, hw design, simulation, testing and type approval. Full understanding of the rules and type approval has been his focus area. His first type approval project of an integrated navigation system started in 1988 and his first membership in an IEC workgroup started 1995. In IHO he has always presented a practical manufacturers point of view.

Hannu has graduated from University of Technology in Espoo with M.Sc. degree in electrical engineering. Topic of his master thesis was remote control of radar stations. He is married with three children and lives in Helsinki.

Headlines from September 2014

25/09/14 CIRM hosted ECDIS and BIMCO Working Groups this week. On Wednesday 24th, the ECDIS Working Group met to discuss the upcoming revisions of ECDIS related standards. On Thursday 25th, the CIRM/BIMCO Joint Working Group met to progress the draft standard on maintenance of shipboard equipment. Both groups were very well attended.

23/09/14 Michael Bergmann, President of CIRM, presented at the 7th Cooperation Forum – Safety of Navigation and Environmental Protection in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore, in Malyasia.
03/09/14 Registration for the CIRM 2015 Annual Meeting is now open

Headlines from June & July 2014

July 2014
15/07/14 Last month Frances Baskerville attended World Hydrography Day celebrations at The International Hydrographic Bureau, Monaco, and was invited to record the occasion by Robert Ward, President of the Organization. The two organisations are currently working on a Memorandum of Understanding which will be co-signed later this year.
June 2014
30/06/14 CIRM are present at NCSR 1. A Report will follow the meeting’s conclusion.