Route plan exchange format - RTZ

Route plan exchange is used in conjunction with ECDIS to IEC 61174.

The route plan exchange format is based on standardizing a route plan. A route plan consists of waypoints where each waypoint contains information related to the leg from the previous waypoint. The route exchange format is a file - RTZ - containing an XML coded version of the route plan.

The XML schema to be met by RTZ route files so that their structure and content can be verified is available below.

Name Version Format Date
XML Schema 1.0 .xsd 17/02/15
XML Schema 1.0 .txt 17/02/15

The route plan exchange format is intended be used for many purposes. For example it can be used onboard for route plan exchange between main and backup ECDIS, ECDIS and radar, ECDIS and optimization systems, etc. Another example use is between ship and shore where it can be used to inform the shore about the plan of the vessel, the shore can recommend a route, the shore can optimize a route, etc.