Headlines from September 2014

25/09/14 CIRM hosted ECDIS and BIMCO Working Groups this week. On Wednesday 24th, the ECDIS Working Group met to discuss the upcoming revisions of ECDIS related standards. On Thursday 25th, the CIRM/BIMCO Joint Working Group met to progress the draft standard on maintenance of shipboard equipment. Both groups were very well attended.

23/09/14 Michael Bergmann, President of CIRM, presented at the 7th Cooperation Forum – Safety of Navigation and Environmental Protection in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore, in Malyasia.
03/09/14 Registration for the CIRM 2015 Annual Meeting is now open

Headlines from June & July 2014

July 2014
15/07/14 Last month Frances Baskerville attended World Hydrography Day celebrations at The International Hydrographic Bureau, Monaco, and was invited to record the occasion by Robert Ward, President of the Organization. The two organisations are currently working on a Memorandum of Understanding which will be co-signed later this year.
June 2014
30/06/14 CIRM are present at NCSR 1. A Report will follow the meeting’s conclusion.

Headlines from May 2014

14/05/14 CIRM are present at MSC 93. Input papers can be found here.
30/05/14 This week we had the 2nd meeting of the CIRM/BIMCO Joint Working Group.
23/05/14 Yesterday CIRM gave a presentation to members of Maritime London. The presentation provided history and background of CIRM and focused on how proper software maintenance is essential to navigational saftey.
14/05/14 CIRM are present at MSC 93. Input papers can be found here.
13/05/14 The CTO’s report of the Joint Annual Meeting is now available from MyCIRM.