EfficienSea2: Maritime Cloud becomes MCP – “Maritime Connectivity Platform”

A new name has been announced for the communication framework previously known as the Maritime Cloud. The decision has been made to provide clarity and support e-Navigation going from testbed to real life implementation.

The new name, Maritime Connectivity Platform, or MCP, has just been announced by Work Package Leader in EfficienSea2, Thomas Christensen. According to him, the change was necessary before taking the communication platform to the next level:

“MCP is at a level of maturity where we are ready to take it from our project spheres into operational mode. However, before taking that step we felt a strong need to clarify exactly what is being offered and what is being offered is a connectivity platform – not a storage cloud,” he says at EfficienSea2’s website.

The decision to change the name was taken by the development forum behind the MCP, which includes the two European projects EfficienSea2 and STM Validation, and the Korean SMART-Navigation Project.

You can read more about the change and how MCP will continue to enable efficient, secure and reliable information exchange in and around the maritime sector at the website of EfficienSea2.