SMA invites ECDIS Manufacturers to tender for STM Validation Project


Dear ECDIS-Manufacturer,

Sea Traffic Management (STM) want to take a giant step in the shipping domain when it comes to Information technology; the ship should no longer be a separate unit in the logistic chain, it should be connected to all concerned stakeholders e.g. Ports, Cargo owners, Pilots, VTS Services etc.

The MONALISA 2.0 Project ( ) has defined a need for validating the STM concept which will be done in the EU-funded STM Validation Project where STM will be tested on board ships and in shore-centres.

As part of this the Swedish Maritime Administration procures 300 STM compatible on board systems, developed and installed by ECDIS-manufacturers, to be installed on board test ships. If your Company wants to be involved shaping the future, please apply for tendering on Tendsign (, where also more information on the project and the scope of the procurement are found.

For access to TendSign you need a login, which is provided by registering on It is advisable that you register your TendSign account with an e-mail address that can be accessed by more than one person. All communication during the procurement will be linked to this e-mail address. There is no cost associated with submitting an application/tender.

If you have questions or need support regarding TendSign, please contact Visma TendSign helpdesk on +46 771 440 200, weekdays during office hours.