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CIRM Working Groups

This page contains a list of the CIRM Working Groups that are currently active. These Working Groups meet on occasion, and throughout the rest of the year progress their work through email correspondence.

A short summary of each WG's current focus is provided below - last updated May 2017.

CIRM/BIMCO Joint Working Group on Software Maintenance


This Joint Working Group (JWG) is an ongoing collaboration between CIRM and BIMCO. The JWG is drafting a standard on shipboard software maintenance. The Group meets several times a year and develops work via correspondence.

Cyber Risk Working Group


The purpose of the Cyber Risk Working Group is to draw on the expertise of the CIRM membership to develop cyber security best practice and guidance for both the membership and CIRM’s partner organisations.

ECDIS Working Group


This WG is concerned with all matters relating to ECDIS. Open Work Item: Draft Guidelines on ECDIS APT

E-navigation Working Group


This WG is concerned with e-navigation, focusing on CIRM's role with e-navigation and contributing to development of the Strategy Implementation Plan (SIP).

Radiocommunications Working Group


Focused on all general radiocommunications matters, including those related to the GMDSS. At present the group is considering, among other matters, the Review and Modernization of the GMDSS work being undertaken by IMO.

Radar Working Group


This WG is concerned with all matters relating to marine radar, and is currently working via correspondence.

S-Mode Working Group


This WG is developing CIRM's contribution to the planned IMO output "Guidelines on standardized modes of operation, S-Mode", scheduled for delivery 2018-2019.

Service Working Group


Dedicated to those CIRM members involved in servicing ship equipment, this Working Group reflects the evolving nature of the CIRM membership.

Type Approval Working Group


This WG focuses on Type Approval and MED issues, including the recast MED (MkII), the new Radio Equipment Directive to replace the R&TTE Directive, US FCC issues, and all international Type Approval concerns.

VDR Working Group


This WG focuses on VDR issues, including VDR APT concerns and the revised Performance Standard MSC.333(90)

This group first met informally at the 2014 Annual Meeting in Annapolis.