CIRM's Structure & People

CIRM is a non-profit NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation), with a professional Secretariat based in London. CIRM's Board of Directors is made up of representatives of 15 CIRM member companies. To learn more about CIRM's people and organisational structure, use the tabs below.


Frances Baskerville


Richard Doherty

Chief Technical Officer

Philip Lane

Technical Officer

Kim Fisher

Technical Consultant; Secretary IEC TC80

Jane van Tonder

Financial Controller

Colleen Wyatt

Executive Assistant

Board of Directors

The CIRM Board of Directors comprises representatives of CIRM Full Member companies and includes the President and Vice-President.

Representative Company
James Collett (President) Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine
Peter Broadhurst (Vice-President) Inmarsat
Claudio Aleandri (Vice-President) SIRM Italia S.r.L.
Iñaki Arbulu Barquin Aage Hempel Group
Henrik Fyhn Cobham SATCOM
Hans Ottosen Danelec Marine
Kazuma Waimatsu Furuno Electric Co.
Russell Gould Hensoldt UK (Kelvin Hughes)
Shintaro Inoue Japan Radio Company
Nate McFeters NCC Group
Joachim de Jenlis Radio Holland
Jan Christopher Lütt Raytheon-Anschütz GmbH
Hans Rasmussen SRH Marine Electronics SAIT
Anders Rydlinger Telko AS
TBD Wärtsilä SAM Electronics GmbH

Organisational structure

Working Groups

CIRM's Working Groups primarily progress their work through email correspondence, with physical meetings convened on occasion. The terms of reference for each Working Group are provided below.

WG Name Terms of Reference
Cyber Risk Working Group
Convenor: Phil Lane
The Cyber Risk Working Group draws on the expertise of the CIRM membership to develop cyber security best practice and guidance for both the membership and CIRM’s partner organisations.
ECDIS Working Group
Convenor: Richard Doherty
The ECDIS Working Group considers all matters related to ECDIS and electronic charting.
E-navigation Working Group
Convenor: Richard Doherty
The E-navigation Working Group is concerned with CIRM's contribution to the IMO's e-navigation initiative, including delivery of relevant parts of the Strategy Implementation Plan (SIP).
MASS Working Group (Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships)
Convenor: Phil Lane
The MASS Working Group will monitor developments related to Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships, both from a regulatory and technical perspective, enabling CIRM to respond appropriately.
Radar Working Group
Convenor: Richard Doherty
The Radar Working Group is concerned with all matters relating to marine radar.
Radiocommunications Working Group
Convenor: Phil Lane
The Radiocommunications Working Group considers all radiocommunications matters falling within CIRM’s scope of interest, including those related to the GMDSS.
S-Mode Working Group
Convenor: Richard Doherty
The S-Mode Working Group is responsible for developing CIRM's contribution to the IMO output "Guidelines for the standardization of user interface design for navigation equipment", scheduled for delivery 2019.
Service Working Group
Convenor: Richard Doherty
The Service Working Group considers matters related to the servicing of ship equipment, including supply, installation, maintenance and repair.
Type Approval Working Group
Convenor: Phil Lane
This Working Group is concerned with Type Approval matters, including the EU Marine Equipment Directive and Radio Equipment Directive and all international Type Approval concerns.
VDR Working Group
Convenor: Richard Doherty
The VDR Working Group considers matters related to Voyage Data Recorders.

Board Committees

The Board of Directors has a number of Committees responsible for considering specific aspects of governance.

WG Name Scope
Technical Steering Committee Chair: Peter Broadhurst
Membership & Recruitment Committee Chair: James Collett
Finance Committee Chair: Jane van Tonder
Remuneration Committee Chair: Peter Andersen