Representing the global marine electronics industry
Applying electronic technology to enhance the safety of life at sea
Providing a specialist information service to members
Developing international regulations & standards

CIRM is the principal international association for marine electronics companies

We bring individual companies together into a powerful collective body with an influential voice. As a non-profit organisation we are totally dedicated to the needs of our members.

CIRM exists to promote the application of electronic technology to the safety of life at sea and efficient conduct of vessels, fostering productive relationships between all stakeholders.

Our members include manufacturers, suppliers, system integrators, ship service providers, and other related business.

2020 CIRM Annual Conference postponed

Due to ongoing concerns about the spread of coronavirus, the CIRM Annual Conference 2020 has been postponed.

For more information please refer to CIRM's communication on this matter: CIRM 2020 Conference - cancellation

For all news see the CIRM News Blog

Upcoming Meetings

ITU World Radio Conference 19

28 Oct - 22 Nov 19

Held every three to four years, the WRC review the Radio Regulations.

IEC TC 80 Plenary

24 - 25 October 2019

The TC 80 Plenary meeting will take place in Shanghai, China, from 24-25 October 2019.

Expert Group on Data Harmonization

4 - 8 November 2019

FAL 43 authorised the holding of the EGDH, which takes place at IMO in November.

CIRM Annual Technical Workshop 2019

26 - 28 November 2019

The second CIRM Annual Technical Workshop will be held at Inmarsat, London.